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Summertime Frenzy

July 31, 2010

It’s been too long since I last posted, but summertime, as always, has been my most productive time of year as far as personal projects go. Working a full time job at the city planning office doesn’t help much either. School, however, is looming large on the horizon, and my burst of projects is winding down and waiting patiently for proper documentation. Some of the things I’ve been working on include: building HOn30 narrow gauge trains,  building Micro Modules for a layout those same trains to run on, and, recently, some research on the history of the Union Pacific  and other railroads in Manhattan, Kansas. I’ll have posts up over the course of August about all these, plus more Italy content as I continue to process my four months there and thousands of pictures.

In extremely recent news, you might notice there is now a “Store” tab up top along the header. I opened a store last night to try and get some of my artwork out there, without a lot of monetary risk. Plus a little extra cash on the side won’t be too bad, either. I’ve always failed trying to sell in a local market, but I have a feeling the global market might have more opportunity. So, swing by and take a look, I’m adding new products from the files I have on hand and plan on photographing some of my other work for products in the future. And, if you do take a look, thanks for looking.

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