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Daily Watercolor #1

July 7, 2011

With the end of my schooling life, it has been hard to maintain the same level of energy I had when working on projects in studio. With the economy and a job search stretching off farther into the future than anyone would prefer, I have found it hard to not fall into a creative stupor.

The preventive cure, is to do what Stephen Holl does, what one of my second year professors told me I should do, what I tried to do while I was in Italy: watercolor every day. Not only will I keep my artistic skills honed, I will also keep my creative juices flowing in ways that my streetcar project and job searching can’t. I won’t post every daily watercolor sketch here, but I will make it a regular feature. In addition to daily watercolor sketches, I will also do a larger painting or two every weekend so that I can begin expanding my hand-rendering portfolio with more recent work.

For the first Daily Watercolor, we have Steampunk Sam, the character from my Steampunk Revolution poster, featured in the previous post. Completion time: 30 minutes.

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